5 easy steps to leverage LinkedIn for your business.

LinkedIn is the largest source of B2B marketing information with more than 660 million registered users. In other words, if you aren’t on the platform yet or if you haven’t taken advantage of it to its full potential, you should reconsider your position. Eventually, your personal brand and your business can benefit immensely from a LinkedIn marketing strategy that works for you. Whether you are self-marketing or marketing your business, the following tips can help you strengthen your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Let’s get started.

#1 Create and optimize your profile

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If you’re focusing your efforts on LinkedIn marketing tactics, it’s easy to overlook this basic step.

You should optimize your profile to increase your prospects of getting noticed whether you’re marketing a personal page or a business page.

A high-quality, relevant profile picture is crucial for your brand. Adding a photo to your profile gives you 19 times more views. A company page can incorporate its logo as the profile picture, whereas an individual profile can feature a high-resolution professional photo. However, this may vary depending on your brand personality and industry.

In addition, adding your current position can increase your connection requests by 6 times. Be sure to include at least five relevant skills, as this can help you receive 21 times more recruiter and other LinkedIn messages.

The steps presented in this article show you how to set up the perfect LinkedIn page for your business.

#2 Post actionable content

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Now that your profile is in operation, you’re ready to begin sharing content.

Any social media platform, including LinkedIn, requires content marketing.

You’ll find it hard to find a demographic that is as ready and willing to consume your content as LinkedIn’s two-thirds of users identify as “news junkies.”

Adding LinkedIn to your daily posting schedule will be a great move.

Reaching and engaging with your audience will be easier when you post multiple times a day.

LinkedIn offers a wide variety of posting options.

There are many options here, including writing articles, sharing images, and even uploading videos.

A great way to share short content with a link to a full blog post is to share snippets of it with a link to it.

By doing so, readers will discover even more helpful advice from your content if they get sucked into your content.

As an alternative, you can share something inspirational to help you connect with your networks, such as an image and quotation.

It is recommended that you have 5-10 published posts on your LinkedIn Page to improve credibility, no matter what type of content you choose to post.

Be sure to post fresh content rather than simply old ones.

More than three million long-form articles are published on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, more than 100,000 articles are published each week on LinkedIn.

Create content that will capture the attention of your audience and meet their needs.

According to LinkedIn, 10 pieces of content are required to convert one visitor.

Thus, you will have a tough job on your hands.

Last but not least, your viewers must click before they convert.

Therefore, you should also use action words to capture your readers’ attention and build curiosity.

This article from Neil Patel will show you how to create actionable content for the marketing of your business.

#3 Optimize posts

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Businesses should consider a few LinkedIn best practices when it comes to posting from their company pages.

According to LinkedIn’s algorithms, posts are ranked according to three factors: personal connections, the relevance of interests, and engagement probability.

Thus, it tries to show users content from accounts they are connected to that will engage and interest them. Likewise, your posts should do the same.

If you think your employees might be interested in the post, you can notify them. They can make the post more visible and engaging by becoming company advocates.

For business posts on LinkedIn, here’s how to do it:

  • Create and share relevant content when needed
  • Make your image or video stand out to attract attention
  • Don’t overwrite. Use bullet points if your post is quite long so it will be easier to read
  • Cite key points, statistics, and quotations
  • Put a simple call-to-action at the end
  • Give your target audience a name (e.g. “calling all digital freelancers” or “copywriters”).
  • Persons and pages mentioned should be tagged
  • Ask a question to get your audience’s attention
  • Engage LinkedIn users with LinkedIn polls
  • Incorporate three to four relevant hashtags
  • Make compelling headlines
  • Encourage more engagement by responding within a short timeframe

This article from Hootsuite will help you learn more about how the LinkedIn algorithm ranks your content.

#4 Join groups

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Search for niche-specific groups on LinkedIn to make connections.

Connecting and interacting with professionals in your industry can be done via LinkedIn Groups.

Here, you can share your world with those who will appreciate it and create a conversation about what you’re experiencing.

In the search results of LinkedIn, these groups have been transformed from a confusing jumble into a powerful force.

You can now see highlights from the Groups page when you visit it.

It shows the level of activity in your group.

Once you see which conversation in your group has been most active, you can join it.

Also, you can find new groups that belong to your industry and request to become part of it.

Within a group, you have the opportunity to speak with individual professionals.

During this time, you can share ideas, insights, and get answers to questions from individuals within your industry.

Shortly put, you’re given a group of professionals with whom you can build relationships.

With no strings attached.

And it doesn’t even take much effort.

To get started, this blog from Hub Spot will teach you how to leverage LinkedIn groups.

#5 Learn from LinkedIn analytics

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Optimize LinkedIn marketing strategies by regularly checking LinkedIn Analytics. Monitor how people are engaging with your posts, what actions people are taking, and what does not work. Plan your content accordingly.

In addition, you can monitor how people find and interact with your page from the analytics dashboard. You can also see how much traction a Showcase Page receives by comparing how many pages views your tabs get. You can learn more about your visitors’ demographics by looking at their visits.

Find out how your page is performing compared to your competitors by checking the Companies to Track table. Comparing your page’s followers and new followers is possible in this section. Also displayed are the number of updates each page has posted over the period selected and the overall engagement rate.

Check out the People tab on a competitor or client’s LinkedIn page to learn more about their employees. It will show you what they studied, what their titles are, and the skills they have.

Check out this guide from Sprout Social on LinkedIn analytics for business.


If leveraged effectively, LinkedIn can become a very powerful engagement hub for entrepreneurs and companies alike. With these tips, you should have an idea of how to improve your LinkedIn marketing.

Don’t forget that locating the right people is the first step. To apply these tips effectively, it is important to reach the right people.

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