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Freelance Facebook Ads Specialist
LinkedIn Marketer at Ravikiran Infotech
Freelance Ecommerce Expert
Freelance WordPress Manager

My skillset

Facebook Ads 93%
SEO 63%
Social Media Design 82%
Content Writing 75%

My Story

Ever since my teenage days, I always have been a cold customer and wondered how everybody gets manipulated after seeing ads and make a costly purchase. No ads ever tempted me to buy things. But on the contrary of this, I always questioned myself that how can I sell something to somebody? 

Before I think more about this I found myself in an engineering college studying the subjects which never sparked my mind. In July 2017  I moved to Ahmedabad for college studies and was facing a strong financial crisis to manage all my expenses. Meanwhile, my close friend told me that he had started working as a freelance web designer and content writer. 

I never heard of freelancing before. I asked him to teach me so that I can earn extra money to support myself. Along with this I also started searching more on YouTube about freelancing. Soon enough I came across a video on Digital Marketing. I immediately clicked and watched that video after which I was hooked to this concept of digital marketing. 

Suddenly my childhood question of How Can I Sell Something to Somebody flashed in my mind. I thought that I might find the answer to this in the world of digital marketing. 

Next, I enrolled in an affordable digital marketing course on Udemy. It taught me the basics of every aspect of digital marketing. I learned Facebook Ads in more depth from YouTube. Then, I started my freelancing gig on Fiverr. Soon enough in June 2018, I landed my first client project with a 5-star rating. I was thrilled and excited. I decided to make digital marketing a full-time career. After that, I spent several hours learning about Facebook ads and the E-commerce business. 

Finally, in Nov 2019 my roommate Ashish and I started our first E-commerce store. We expected hundreds of sales in the first month but then the reality hit badly. We failed miserably and also suffered a huge loss. I learned many lessons from that and moved on to apply that to my client’s work. 

I realized that this field is evolving every day, so I did a few more certifications to match with the latest trends. Along with Facebook Ads, I also started learning WordPress to create beautiful websites for my Fiverr clients. I never stopped improving my skill by learning from the best in business. 

In June 2020, with my old friend Rahul, I started my Instagram page to share lessons from non-fiction books. In this process, I dived deep into Instagram Marketing and Social Media Designing. Following this worked as an Intern for a digital marketing company. Honestly, it was not a pleasant experience because I did not get the atmosphere to grow my skill. 

Then, I enrolled for Digital Deepak Internship Training which changed my perspective on marketing and business. I learned various undiscovered aspects like psychology, branding, marketing funnel, buyer persona, sales, and so on. After that, I did a specialization course at the University of Illinois from Coursera. 

Finally, I started my blog to implement everything that I learn including content creation, design, SEO, analytics, and so on. This way I always keep myself updated to serve my clients in a better way. 

In total spent more than 1000 hours learning and more than 500 hours working on digital marketing projects. I did all these along with studying a core engineering field of Infomation Technology. With the vision to become an alpha digital marketer with mastery in Paid Advertising, I am learning and working dedicatedly for digital marketing.

Khilan Vadalia

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